Faking a waist + wrap front sweater

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Raise your hand if you’re having a hard time getting motivated during your workouts this month…

(I’m raising my hand too.)

These dark January days make it soooo hard for me to get motivated.  I’ll get more into my workout routines in another post because today I want to talk about ways to fake it.  Not fake your workouts — fake your waist!  This wrap front sweater is so very flattering.  It’s the best way to create the look of a tiny waist in no time.  I really think it takes off 10 pounds!

I say this because today I wasn’t feeling very cute… and I definitely didn’t feel like having my picture taken.  (You know those days ladies.)  So when I saw these pictures I was surprised.  I didn’t look AT ALL how I felt.  And that’s when I knew I couldn’t wait to share this sweater with you all…


grey wrap sweater, camel coat, ripped knee jeans

wrap front sweater, Chloe Pixie brown bag

This wrap front sweater comes in 3 colors and versions

wrap front sweater, tan Chloe Pixie bag, ripped knee Levis ripped knee Levi jeans, brown suede booties

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wrap front sweater, tan Chloe Pixie bag

It comes in several different colors (I love the burgundy too) and it’s under $100.  You can wear it to work with black pants and then throw on some jeans and heels to go out later.  It’s such a perfect day to night top.  And did I mention that it’s ridiculously flatteringOh ya, I did, haha.

Style note — Not all wrap tops are created equal.  Some wrap tops have a bow or knot on the side and will create extra bulk.  Keep it simple with a design like this one!