blue ruffled sweater + what I expected of Santa Fe

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The last time I was in Santa Fe was when I was in elementary school.  I remember buying a silver bracelet (which I still have) and skiing.  And that was basically about it.  So going there I didn’t really have any expectations.  The plan for our trip was just to basically explore all the art galleries along with eating good food, and skiing.

And to walk… everywhere. 

blue ruffled sweater, chanel quilted bag blue ruffled sweater, Golden Goose sneakers, walking around style

(Style note — I’ve been wearing my Golden Goose sneakers nonstop.  While they are a complete splurge, check out eBay for a great deal.  That’s where I scored mine!)

blue ruffled sweater, ruffled sweater style

I always say this about traveling, but I use it as a time to walk everywhere.  We always try to stay someplace that has a central location.  Being in Oklahoma City, everything is sooo spread out.  To go anywhere in the city, you have to drive.  So when travel I pack comfortable shoes (along with my heels, of course) and plan to explore the city on foot.

I’ll share more about where we stayed later this week because right now I want focus on this CUTE ruffle blue sweater.  This sweater gets so much attention!  It comes in olive green too if you’re looking for a darker color.  Both are completely adorable and a great option for a casual date night or for meeting up with your friends.

I paired it with my favorite black pants(Which you probably remember from here.)  They are truly an essential piece and I consider them one of my must-haves… especially for traveling!  You can dress them up or down and they do NOT lose their shape.  They are also comfortable enough to wear on long flights.   (Because I believe in being comfortable… but I don’t believe in sweatpants on planes.  Save them for the sofa and lazy Sundays ladies!)

See more of my trip coming up this week and be sure to catch my recap of 2017’s favorites here!