All about my husband + gift guide for the guys

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Today’s post will be a little bit different.  Instead of my usual style post, I’m putting my husband Ricardo in front of the camera to talk about the perfect gifts for the man in your life.  First, I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of our background together…


(Ally) Hey babe, so I guess we should start with how we met.  It was at a tacky Christmas sweater party thrown by mutual friends.  They wanted to set us up, but we didn’t know about it!

(Ricardo) Well actually, we met a couple months before that…

(A) Oh yeah, we FIRST met at the Oklahoma City Art Museum during an event!  But we didn’t talk.  I remember briefly speaking to your brother.  Crazy how we “ran into” each other again two months later.

(R) That’s when I was frustrated with work and had been planning on running off to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris… guess you ruined that!  Ha.

(A) Well you should have gone and taken me with you!

(R) You’re just obsessed with Paris…


(A) As is any fashion loving female!  So, did you ever think you would end up marrying a blogger and becoming an Instagram Husband?!

(R) Since I was a small child.  *awkward pause*  No, NEVER!  When we first met you didn’t blog that much and it was more of a hobby.  I didn’t think anything of it.  It’s pretty crazy that it’s now your job now.  Even with your nonstop work schedule I’m proud of all you’ve accomplished.  And I must say the travel hasn’t been too bad either…

Zodiac diver watch

(Photos were taken from our recent trip to Oahu.  He’s wearing the ZODIAC Super Sea Wolf 68.)

Zodiac watches, ZODIAC's Sea Wolf

But to get real for a second, I could not do my job without him. He’s always working on AiW in ways you can’t see… especially by taking all my pictures.  He’s completely self-taught when it comes to photography and is always trying to improve.  I love that we get to work together!

When he’s not helping me run AiW he’s an avid reader who enjoys cooking, all things tech, and scuba diving.  He wants me to go diving but I’m scared!  Are any of you scuba divers too?  I love that this watch reminds him of the sea but is completely stylish on or off the dive boat.


Since it is the holidays here’s my gift guide for the guys inspired by husband.  (Like that Coravin, although that’s a gift for both of us!)  And don’t forget to check out my other gift ideas here!

gifts for the guys


  1. In 1953 ZODIAC launched the SEA WOLF which was one of the first serious diver watches manufactured and marketed to the masses.  R loves the retro vibe of this classic dive watch — he’s wearing the Super Sea Wolf 68 above.
  2. Ricardo’s dad is just as stylish and loves these sneakers.
  3. Ricardo’s wedding ring was my great-great grandfather’s and is over 100 years old!  Thinking of getting him this little leather catchall that could hold his ring… when it’s not glued to his finger.  (Wink, wink)
  4. Love the fit of this sweater.  Would look good under this jacket too!
  5. The first thing I noticed about my husband was his hair.  (I mean look at it!)  Since every guy wants great hair this kit is a good start… especially if they travel.
  6. R’s favorite shoes.  A total splurge and totally worth it.
  7. Speaking of tailored fit, this jacket looks like it would fit like a glove… and keep you warm too.
  8. Men need Uggs too!
  9. Don’t save that wine for a special occasion, with the Coravin you can have a glass without uncorking the bottle!
  10. This book is a must for the stylish man in you life.