Photography + Favorite Fall Dress for Going Into Winter

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Today I had originally planned on sharing my favorite way to style a sweater dress but instead let’s mix things up a bit.  It’s not uncommon for some of you to message me asking about who takes my pictures or what camera I shoot with.  I’m lucky to have my husband as my photographer while I do the photo editing.  (He also edits my videos.)

We’re both pretty much self-taught (I took some classes in college) but mostly it’s been a LOT of trial and error.  (And YouTube videos — sooo many YouTube tutorials.)  As far as advice goes, here are the biggest tips I can give you…

It’s all about lighting

We’re always chasing the light.  We tend to shoot an hour before sunset (the golden hour) and are always on the look for spots with naturally diffused lighting.  Mildly overcast days work best for my style and allow me a bit more flexibility with the lighting.

Finding YOUR style

I remember a couple years ago trying to decide exactly what kind of style I wanted.  I felt my photos didn’t have any continuity and I would spend hours looking at other blogs and my favorite magazines trying to figure out what MY style would be.  And really one day it just fell into place.  How did that happen?  We typically use the same settings every time we shoot and I have 3 presets that I use when processing the photos.


A good camera and lens really can make a difference!  I’ll share more about this in another post but I just want to add that you MUST shoot in RAW.  Especially if you want to come up with your own style.  It will allow you to get the most out of your photos in post production.  Yes, this means you’ll need to learn to edit but that will be the key to finding you’re photo style and honestly it’s my favorite part of the job.  I love editing!


But this IS a fashion blog… so let’s get to the outfit.

I just love a sweater dresses for fall and winter because they are so easy to wear.  Nordstrom has been my go-to for sweater dresses this season, so it’s no surprise that I grabbed my entire outfit from there.  I love shopping at Nordstrom because it’s so easy to find exactly what I want.  For instance, the (faux) leather jacket you always see me wearing came from there.  It’s just that extra layer I need to keep stylishly warm… and more importantly, it looks cute with this dress!

I’ll be sharing more about finding your photography style but until then feel free to message me with any questions and shop the outfit above!