the trend you need this fall /// fuzzy faux fur jacket

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If I had to pick them most fun trend for fall it would be the fuzzy faux fur jacket.  In the past when I would shop for a faux fur coat, I would want t0 pick one that looked as real as possible.  But that’s not the case this year.  For this season you’re going to want one that is bright, shaggy, and something that’s going to stand out.

There are so many cute ones, it’s hard to pick my favorite.  But the richness of this burgundy coat is what got my attention.  Plus I love how it pairs with this drop-waist midi dress.  I couldn’t believe how perfectly they matched each other!

burgundy faux fur jacket, black Gucci Marmont bag

burgundy faux fur, burgundy dress, strappy black heels

faux fur jacket, burgundy faux fur

But if you’re not in the matchy-matchy thing, this jacket looks just as perfect with jeans or black pants.  You’ll be surprised how easy a fuzzy faux fur jacket is to wear!  But it’s not for those of you who are shy.  Not surprisingly, you can’t hide in something like this.  So if you’re looking to update your wardrobe with a statement piece then this just might be the jacket for you!

burgundy faux fur, black gucci marmont bag

burgundy fur jacket, burgundy midi dress,

I found the entire look at Nordstrom!  The store has been my go-to this season especially for sweaters.  (And you know how much I love sweaters!)  Looking for a fur jacket but in another color?  Try these other fun faux fur jackets from Nordstrom above.  And let me know, will you be wearing this fun trend for fall?