morning at Maroon Bells + fashionable cold weather coat

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I love the mountains.  For not really being an “outdoors” kind of girl, I just love going to Colorado.  I grew up going there to ski and a fair amount of summer vacations too.  I’m sure most people would be surprised to know I enjoy hiking.  But one thing I won’t do is camp… nope and never.  This girl needs indoor plumbing and heat or A/C!!

So, one morning during our trip to Aspen we woke up at the crack of dawn to go explore Maroon Bells.  If you haven’t heard of it, the area is considered one of the most photographed peaks in all North America.  As I discovered, it’s for good reasons.  There’s a beautiful reflective lake surrounded by two mountaintops named Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak.  And let me tell you, being there looks is just as magical in person as it does in photos!

Getting there so early in the morning meant we were FREEZING.  In fact, it was only 21 degrees!  I swear it felt even cooler but that’s probably because when we left OKC it was 90 degrees!  At least, I came prepared…

I packed this Lands’ End Expedition Down Parka, along with these Alpine Snow Boots to keep me warm.  Underneath was this stylish (and newly marked down) Fringe Hem Crewneck Sweater and the Ponte Leggings which were perfect for tucking into my boots.  I felt like an explorer!  (Except with a cell phone and a cappuccino in my hand, haha.)

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Speaking of the cold, we’re currently planning on spending our Christmas in Santa Fe.  And newsflash, it’ll be R’s first time skiing!  This beach boy is in for a rude awakening, but I know we’re going to have a great trip. And of course, I’ll be packing this outfit to make sure I stay warm while I’m barreling down the slopes.

Are you ready for the winter weather?  If not, you can get ready when you check out Lands’ Ends outerwear section.  They have everything you need from light jackets to fashionable cold weather coats that’ll keep you warm and stylish.