one shoulder black ruffle top + where we are now

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Styling a one shoulder black ruffle top is so easy.

Tops like this make putting together an outfit so quick and easy.  We had a friend’s birthday the other night and I had one of those, “what am I’m going to wear” moments.  You might think I never have those moments but I totally DO!  It was one of those nights where it was hot but I so wanted to wear something fall-like.  So I remembered I had this one shoulder black ruffle top and the rest is history.


What I wore with it…

I wore this ruffled cuteness with grey skinny denim but it also looks adorable with skirts too.  And it comes in a pink/purple color that’s pretty.  You can’t go wrong with either color!  When it get cold outside I’m thinking of wearing it with leather pants.  Speaking of, I’ve been lusting over these cropped leather pants.  I want them so badly but wondering if I’ll wear them next year… hmmm.  Do you think the cropped trend will continue?

Currently craving the cold.

While I like this top I must say it didn’t come with me to Aspen.  I’ve packed tons of sweaters, scarves, and coats and I’m hoping to wear them all!  I can’t wait for the cold temperatures!  We end up going to my Mom’s in Fort Worth first so that I meant I had to pack for 95 degrees weather AND 30 degree weather.  Let’s just say my suitcase runneth over.

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