My sunglasses obsession + Chloe sunglasses giveaway!

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I collect sunglasses… especially three styles.

If there is one item that can completely transform your outfit it’s a pair of amazing sunglasses. There are several styles I’ve stuck with over the years — a classic black pair, an aviator, and a statement pair. And for my statement pair lately I’ve been loving the oversized styles by Chloe. These 70s influence shades will look amazing with all the fall styles that have a 70s vibe.

sunglasses aren’t just about style

But let’s be honest… sunglasses aren’t just about style.

Sunglasses are really about protection. Cute set of shades will not only add to your outfit but they will also be protecting your eyes and skin from damaging UV. (Preventing crow’s feet? Yes, please!) Along with always wearing sunglasses when you’re outside there are other steps you should be doing to protect your eye health like having a yearly eye exam. Did you know that a comprehensive eye exam will not only ensure your eyes are healthy but can also help detect signs of serious health conditions, like diabetes, a brain tumor and high cholesterol?

Fall means change…

With the changing of season comes life changes. Some of you might be getting married, or perhaps expecting. With these big changes, you may be eligible for changes in your benefits selections at work. Check with your employer to confirm your eligibility. And if you currently don’t have vision care coverage, don’t overlook this important benefit during open enrollment. Check out VSP® Vision Care.


Chloe sunglasses giveaway with VSP, Allyson in Wonderland

For all of these reasons, NOW is the time to wear a pair of sunglasses, and to get you excited about fall fashion I’m actually GIVING AWAY these Chloé Isidora 59mm Sunglasses that I’m wearing! Head over to my Instagram and look for these images for details on how to enter to win.  (Giveaway starts at 1:30 CST)

Good luck!!!

Chloe Sunglasses Giveaway, Allyson in Wonderland

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