bows, bell sleeves, and blue grey

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I made a little mistake yesterday… hey it happens!

I accidentally posted about a giveaway a day early.  (But at least I gave you guys a heads up, right?)  The good news is that it starts today.  Get all the details here!

That’s what happens when you have your own business.  As a blogger your job has many different titles… editor, writer, photographer, photo editor, social media manager, and the list goes on.  It’s funny because when I started blogging forever ago, “blogging” was considered a weird thing to do.  And now it’s a respected profession, or at least I hope it is!  Times have changed and I couldn’t be more happy about that, because now I can share with you dresses like this one…

bows bell sleeves dress, black Chanel bag bow sleeves, black Chanel, Allyson in Wonderland

Combining bows, bell sleeves, and blue/grey this dress is just pure cuteness.  It’s also an excuse to finally show off these black sock boots!  Both were on last week’s #AiWtryonsession on Instagram Stories.  I’ve been having so much fun doing them and it seems like you all liked them too!  I would love to hear more about what YOU want to see or have me try on.  Remember to check out tonight’s sessions because I’ll be showing off a ton of sweaters and most of them are under $100.  As you know, I have a sweater obsession so this will probably be my favorite try-on to date!

talking try on sessions on Instagram and bow sleeves bow sleeves, black sock boots

Since the try on sessions only last for 24 hours I’m going to start replaying them on Sunday afternoons till midnight.  That way if you miss it you get another chance to check it out.  I’m also seeking out a more permanent way to share my try on’s.

Like I said yesterday… stay tuned!!