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There aren’t many clothing brands that I’ve been wearing continuously for years.  Many come in and out of fashion but I’ve always had one that hasn’t let me down.  Bailey44 is a brand I’ve been wearing for a long time but I now realize that I’ve never actually mentioned it before.

Years ago my mom was actually the first one who introduced me to the company.  She surprised me with the cutest top that just happened to be from Bailey44.  Years later I’m still wearing the company’s pieces.

black sheer sweater, Allyson in Wonderland

sheer sweater, Bailey44, Allyson in Wonderland


Today’s outfits might look familiar and that’s because I’ve been wearing them over on Instagram.  The sweater was actually featured on one of my #AiWtryonsessions.  Its sheer neckline detailing is just such a cool touch.

 grey cutout sweatshirt dress, Allyson in Wonderland

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As for this dress, I wore it to brunch a couple years ago.  It’s literally one of the softest, coziest dresses that I’ve ever worn.  When it gets colder outside I think it would be so cute with leather leggings, especially if you’re really tall.  As you can see it’s pretty short so if you’re tall you might try pairing it with pants.  Or just show off your legs — you know I love a short skirt!

I encourage you all to check out this brand for some great pieces.  To get you started, I’ve listed some of my picks above!  Have you worn Bailey44 before?  Let me know in the comments!