Does PMD Pro really work?

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(You’ve probably heard about a personal microdermabrasion device PMD and after over a month of using it I’m going to share if PMD Pro really works!)

First the bad news… my skin has gone crazy…

I’ve always had pretty good skin (thank you mom!) but lately it’s gone crazy.  I’ve had breakouts like never before.  I don’t know if it’s stress or what, but this change has me mixing up my beauty routine.  I’m now constantly trying new products and beauty tools to fix my breakouts.  In the past when my face was acting up I would go and get a facial and microdermabrasion.  But now that I have a PMD PRO I can have my own spa day at home!

review PMD Pro (and if it really works!)

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Using PMD PRO is so easy!

Once a week (usually on Sunday) I’ll use my PMD PRO then do a moisturizing mask afterwards.  It’s become my weekly ritual.  With every use, I’m having fewer breakouts and it’s getting rid of a couple hyper-pigmentation spots and acne scars.

My skin feels so amazing after I use it.  I love how smooth it leaves the texture of my face!  It makes me want to use it all the time.  (But DON’T!)  Ladies, this is a SERIOUS beauty tool and you must treat it like one.  Read below to see how easy it is to use and message me if you have any questions!

at home dermabrasion, PMD

How to use the PMD.  (Correctly!)

  1. Properly cleanse and dry your face.
  2. For your first time, use the White Training Disc.  Practice on your arm for at least 7 seconds before using on your face.
  3. Next, pull the skin taut (in the opposite direction) and with your other hand glide the PMD over your skin.
  4. Move the PMD in a quick and fluid motion across your face — never hover in one spot! 
  5. Afterwards, wash your face and apply a calming toner and moisturizer.
  6. Then clean your PMD and enjoy your freshly exfoliated skin.


Have you tried PMD?  Let me know what you think of at home dermabrasion.  And you can get it on sale right now during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!Shop it here.