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There’s no reason not to buy workout wear that you love… especially with pieces like this darling cutout-back hoodie.

It’s so cute and I love to layer with it after a workout.  And better yet, this piece is actually part of the Shopbop sale and is available in white too.  Speaking of the sale, it ends THIS FRIDAY at midnight so be sure to check out this post for all the details and this post for the sweater that I’m loving.

With all that being said, let it be known that all my activewear outfits DO NOT look like they came off a runway…

I have grungy yoga pants and tees that need to put in a goodwill ben just like everyone else.  But since I’ve started working from home I’m starting to collect more stylish workout clothing.  When I wear cute yoga pants or a stylish sports bra it helps me feel like working out.  Just like a perfect fitting LBD and pair of heels make you walk more confidently, proper activewear may help you get in the mood to work out.  In fact when I’m wearing my favorite leggings and tank I almost feel guilty if I DON’T work out…

cute cutout-back hoodie cute hoodie with a cutout-back grey cutout-back hoodie, Allyson in Wonderland

Hopefully you caught the personal post I wrote last week about working out and getting healthy.  Along with the changes I mentioned, I also try to mix up what I do.  Right now I’m loving Tracy Anderson and Body by Simone.  And since buying all my favorite workouts can get pricey I suggest trying them out on YouTube first.  That way you can do it a couple times and find out if you like it before buying.  A lot of the Tracy Anderson workouts are on YouTube and even though they only show a couple minutes I can usually tell if it’s something I would like.

I’m currently loving this 35 minute video from Body By Simone.  The workout feels very similar to a dance routine, which I’ve always enjoyed.  In fact as a kid I actually took a lot of dance lessons.  Since it’s something that I enjoy it helps me to forget that I’m working out, well until I realize how sweaty I am.  It’s such a hard workout but I love it!  

Give it a try and let me know which other workouts you’re currently loving!