getting my underwear drawer ready for fall with b.tempt’d

There might be something you don’t know about me:  I’m a bit of an underwear collector. I just simply love a cute set of underwear.  I even dream of designing them someday!   You all must love it too because some of my top posts have been about bras.  I know it can be difficult to find cute bras that also fit beautifully, which is why I’m excited about today’s post!

You may think summer is the only time skin is in… but that’s just not true this year. This fall cutouts are in too. There are so many darling sweaters featuring open backs and cold shoulders that you’ll want to be sure you have the appropriate bra to go underneath.

This bandeau bra from b.tempt’d looks amazing peeking out of a sweater like I’m wearing above.  It can also be styled under dresses or tops with low cut sides.  With its silicone-lined edges, you don’t have to worry about it wanting to fall down.  This is one strapless bra that comfortably stays in place!  (Be sure to also check out the matching lace tanga.)

 b.tempt’d lace bandeau bra

Another favorite of mine is this seamless strappy back bralette.  With a beautiful back like this one you’ll want to show it off.  Wear it your favorite open back top!  I also noticed it pairs perfectly with all the cold shoulder pieces I wear.  I love a cold shoulder top but don’t always want to wear a strapless bra—this bra’s t-back design allows me to dress the bra up as part of my look.

 b.tempt’d strappy back bra

 b.tempt’d strappy back bra, boyshorts

b.tempt’d has so many stylish bras and comfortable undies (love the boyshorts) that you’ll want to try this fall.  While you’re stocking your closet with new cozy sweaters don’t forget to find the bras that will look best with them.  What styles do you love?  I would suggest making sure you start with these three essentials (a strapless, t-shirt and something with back interest) and then build from there.

 b.tempt’d lace bandeau bra strappy back bra

Enjoy being girly.  Enjoy dressing up.  And enjoy your undies!