That one time in Vegas with Zac Zac Posen

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My job is pretty amazing sometimes…

(Especially when you’re wearing ZAC ZAC POSEN pre fall 2017 in Las Vegas!)

I get to play with, write about, and showcase all sorts of fashion, beauty, and travel.  How amazing is that?!  However, I’m pretty open about how it’s not always as glamorous as it seems.  (Most of the time it’s 18 hour work days, still wearing my pjs, buried in emails, kind of days.) 

So let’s go back to last Memorial Day on my trip to Las Vegas.  During our stay, I was lucky enough to play with some beautiful pieces from Zac Zac Posen.  If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know what a HUGE fan I am of their bags, so I was beyond excited to play dress up in some pre-fall designs.  As I was unboxing all these pretty pieces, when I saw the skirt I’m wearing below I KNEW it would fit in perfectly at the Wynn.  (We love staying there and Encore!  Where’s your favorite place to stay?)

Some of the pieces I wore didn’t go into production, such as the skirt I mentioned, but instead it’s being offer as a dreamy dress.  You can shop all the outfits when you click on the pics below and shop the entire Zac Zac Posen collection here.  Hope you all love it as much as I do!!


zac zac posen pre fall 2017 in Vegas, Allyson in Wonderland Doesn’t this skirt go perfectly with the tile?!

ZAC ZAC POSEN skirt, Vegas, Allyson in Wonderland

Top available here in chambray.

tan crossbody clutch bag, Allyson in Wonderland

This bag can be carried as a clutch too!  So perfect for traveling!  Comes in several colors and styles.  How amazing is this flower covered version??

ZAC ZAC POSEN pre fall shorts

chambray top, shorts

Meanwhile back at home, this chambray top can be worn with everything from shorts, white denim, dark denim, and the list goes on.  Plus how amazing are those sleeves??

(Actual shirt doesn’t have embellishment — FYI)

amazing sleeves, chambray top

chambray sleeves, allyson in wonderland ZAC ZAC POSEN pre fall Allyson in Wonderland