Heartache over the hurricane + belated Instagram round up

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My heart is in south Texas right now.

I hope that all of you reading this are safe and dry right now.  This past weekend, R and I were glued to the TV completely shocked at what we saw.  I actually was born in Houston and still have family that live there and south of the city.  Luckily, they are all ok as is my brother-in-law who lives in Galveston but drove to OKC just in time to miss the storm.

I try to keep AiW an upbeat place but today it just seemed so wrong to say “Happy Monday” and pretend nothing has happened.  So instead of my scheduled post I’m sharing a quick mini Instagram recap that I’ve needed to do.  I’ll return tomorrow with a new post.

So let’s all take a moment and do what we can to help… here’s a list of all the places taking donations along with other ways to help 🖤


My favorite slides and the ottoman everyone asks me about…

This pink top is my new go-to top!  (Comes in 11 colors too.)  And this clutch is actually a crossbody bag that is perfect for travel.

These booties actually LENGTH your leg because of the way they are cut.

And these tan slides are so cute on.

My all time favorite sweater is back in stock!  And these beautiful blue cold shoulder top is a head-turner.  (Comes in black too.)


A drop-waist dress can be so flattering when it looks like this.  (And remember this drop-waist dress?  It’s back!)

This bag always gets compliments because of the flower strap.  (And it’s removable too.)

This open back dress is back in stock and did you see the post I featured it in?

I still need to do a post around this black dress… that slit is actually a zipper!  You can control how high or low you want the slit to be.  It’s a must-have LBD.  (And the weekend look to the right, is coming up on AiW this week!)