how to sell designer bags online with ebay

(“How to sell designer bags online with eBay” was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.)

My closet overfloweth… 

And that’s an understatement!  As a fashion lover, shopping is a sport.  Even before I started blogging, my closet was always full.  So now that it’s part of my business, when I need to clean out my closet there are several things I do.  I donate, give to friends, and I sell online.  This is especially true because I need to rotate my accessories often for the blog.  That way you all can see the newest pieces!  However, that can get pretty expensive.  But I have a little trick.  I sell my designer bags on eBay!

Like this Chloe mini Marcie bag that you’ve seen me carry.  I love it but I think it’s time she found a new home!  That’s why I just listed this bag in my new Allyson in Wonderland eBay Store!

Wanting to sell something but don’t know how?  Guys it’s soooo easy and there are only three steps!  Just list/sell it, ship it and then get paid.

Let’s break it down…

how to sell your designer bag on ebayhow to sell on ebayhow to sell your designer bag on ebay, Allyson in Wonderland

List + Sell
Take a couple of pictures.  Remember, the more details the better so try to make sure there’s plenty of light.  Then choose the selling format ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Auction’, that works best for your item and list it.  If you’re selling an item that is in demand, make it an auction because hopefully there will be a bidding war.  Oh, and I always make sure my auctions end on Sunday nights… it’s the best night, I promise!

Ship it
When your item sells and you receive payment from the buyer, just print out the eBay label and drop it in the mail.  You’ll even get a discount on shipping!

Get paid
Cha-ching.  Sign up for PayPal and you’ll receive your payment instantly!

Tricks of the trade
You might want to use eBay branded shipping supplies. That way your buyer will know it’s from you!  Also if you’re wondering what price to list your item, just check and see what others are selling it for.  Or eBay can offer you a suggested price.  That’s how I settle on a price for my items!


how to sell designer pieces on ebayselling bags on ebayselling on ebay

This week I’ll be adding more pieces to my store, so keep checking back!

I love selling my designer bags (and buying them) on eBay!  Want some extra cash for fall shopping?  Start listing now and if you have questions just ask me in the comments!

how to sell you designer bags on ebay