gingham for the weekend

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Stepping into the weekend with this gingham dress with ruffle shoulders…

What do your weekends look like?  For us it’s working on projects and getting ready for the upcoming week.  Since my husband has a “normal job” I have to steal him when I can to help me with photos.  I swear the number one question I get asked is “who takes your photos” and questions about editing.

When I asked last week what you want to see more of on AiW, you all responded with posts about blogging.  So next Friday I’ll post my first “behind the blog” series.  What questions do you have about blogging?  What would you like me to answer?

Until then let’s get to this outfit!  I recently just became a lover of gingham after see this dress. (Which is now on sale!) This gingham dress with ruffle shoulders has the cutest details too and is under $100.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom because there’s another ruffled gingham piece that I fell for…

gingham dress with ruffle shoulders, Allyson in Wonderland gingham dress with ruffle shoulders, black round bag gingham dress with ruffle shoulders

More cute gingham pieces…



Wondering what to wear with a gingham ruffle skirt?  I love the way it’s styled here!











I wish I could credit who that is! I found it on Pinterest. Get the look when you click the photos below and have a wonderful weekend!