Hair confessions + asking your advice!

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I’ve always had dreams of having super thick and blonde locks… but I’m not blonde… nor is my hair thick.

Basically I’m all about fighting reality.  And I’m going to keep doing it because I’ve decided to take my hair back to platinum.  (This would be the third time I’ve done it.)  The upkeep is insane and breakage is inevitable but I really want to give it a try again.

However, this time I’ll be doing it WITHOUT my extensions.  That’s right, about 90% of the photos I’ve posted over the years have included me wearing extensions.  I’ve been wearing them on and off for the past 10 years.  And I’ve tried every version: locks, glue, tape in, etc!  The only problem is that platinum and extensions don’t mix well.  The last time I tried it was 2 years ago and I had to stop due to all of the breakage.  (Here’s what it looked like.)

So I’m going to go naked… (scroll down to see what I’m talking about)

cold shoulder dress, nordstrom sale

This dress, bag, and sunglasses are all part of the Nordstrom sale!)

hair extensions questions, cold shoulder floral dress

(Can you tell which part is my real hair?)

cold shoulder floral dress, allyson in wonderland

(The short part on my right shoulder is the real length of my hair.)

nordstrom cold shoulder floral dress cute cold shoulder floral dress

I’m going to TRY to live without my extensions — which feels so very uncomfortable for me!  I prefer to hide behind my hair.  It’s my version of being a hermit crab, but my hair is my shell.

Since I still want to be able to play with long hairstyles I was hoping to find some clip in extensions that I can fake it with.  Since I have ZERO experience with this I was hoping you all could help me out!

Have you ever tried clip in extensions?  What is your favorite brand?  

Please let me know in the comments and btw this cute dress is part of the Nordstrom sale.  While I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about the sale please don’t be… I’m trying to help because it will be over soon!  And once the price goes up that’s it.  So if you’re loving this dress (or the sunglasses or bag) get them while they are marked down and shop all my other favorites here.

And if you’re wondering what my dream hair looks like it’s this and this… basically hair colors that don’t exist naturally.  But who said I wanted natural looking hair?!