little black ruffled dress

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We all know it’s completely necessary to own a LBD but did you know you also need a little black ruffled dress?  Since I believe everything is better with a ruffle, this staple wardrobe item just gets better with this needed detail.  I wore this dress in Vegas recently but was having too much fun to share it.  (You might have seen it on my Insta Stories.)   Speaking of Insta Stories I hope you’ve been following along our trip in Cabo.  We’ve been having such a good time!

But back to the the dress…

I must share a small warning — this dress is daringly low.  Which obviously made it the perfect choice for Las Vegas nights.  It comes in pink too (and it’s on sale) and if you want to cover up a little bit I suggest adding a lace bralette like this or this strappy cropped cami that I wear all the time.  It really comes in handy if you have a backless top or low V-neck top.

And you might have noticed the matching ruffle shoes.  That, of course, isn’t an accident!  When you can’t get enough of a trend you just have to keep celebrating it.  For me that means all ruffles all the time.  It’s like a party waiting to happen… and you know I love a good party!  

(Ps. If you don’t know the story behind the bag I’m carrying, be sure to read this.)