Getting my glow back


Lately my skin has been looking a little dull. I blame it on several factors… not enough sleep, stress, and going off my diet. I’m usually a healthy eater but with two recent back-to-back trips, proper nutrition is usually the first to go. Even though I can fake enough sleep, smile through stress, and indulge in the occasional junk food, I swear it always shows in my complexion!

Now that I’m home my diet is back on track and I’m stepping up my workouts. Even though an hour of my favorite cardio will leave my skin glowing, I’m trying to keep that glow going outside of the gym. To help, I’ve been taking OLLY’s new Flawless Complexion vitamins as a boost to my usual skincare routine. They contain essential nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that help boost a clear complexion from the inside out.

While I’ve always had problems remembering to take my vitamins I never forget to take my OLLY vitamins. You only have to take two daily and since they are delicious gummies I like to have one of them as a little treat every day after lunch.  And when I travel I don’t always have water, so it’s nice that I can just chew them even when I’m on the go.

These berry flavored vitamins are made without any artificial colors or flavors.  They contain a skin-nourishing blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and superfoods that are designed to help detox skin cells and maintain normal hormone health. So even when I fall off the wagon, at least these Flawless Complexion vitamins can help my skin to stay on track.
They are my new #HealthyObsession!
I partnered with OLLY on this post – opinions are my own.