pleated striped dress with ruffle + my favorite local spring event

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In case you missed it, I’m on such a dress kick lately!  And go ahead and add this pleated striped dress with ruffles to my list of spring dresses I adore…

This year’s spring dresses have so many interesting details and I completely approve.  Not only does this one have pleats, stripes, AND ruffles, but it also is so bold and bright that you might just stop traffic in it.  You’ll also feel like a human version of the dance emoji!


Let me pause my gushing and give you a tip about this dress… it runs VERY small in the rib cage.  I have another dress from this brand (this one) and I wear an XS but in this design I could have worn a medium!  Just wanting to give you girls a heads up.  

And speaking of spring, this weekend we have our local art’s festival and I’m so excited that I’ll be in town for the first time in THREE YEARS.  I’ve enjoyed going ever since I was a kid so I’m exited to attend this year.  I love all the art and even more so the food.  So in a couple hours I’ll be having my usual Indian Taco (a taco made from Native American Fry Bread) and debating on which dessert I’ll be indulging in…

So is there a spring event you always look forward to as well?  Let me know in the comments!