embracing pink with Pandora

Over on my Instagram, I’ve mentioned how funny it is that I’ve been wearing so much pink lately.  In fact, in the past I hardly EVER wore the color.  So I’m now trying to decide what the reason for that might be.  If you know me, you know that I am absolutely a girly girl who loves fashion, but I’m also a little tough.  I’m very much about doing things on my own and being independent.  I come from a very small family and most of the time it was just me and my mom.  (Which I absolutely loved and wouldn’t have had it any other way!)  Growing up like that taught me to think for myself and plan ahead, and the older I got the more I just didn’t think pink fit me.

It felt weak… and uninspired.

But slowly I’ve changed my mind.   Blame it on the beautiful blush tones you’ve been seeing everywhere.  I just can’t get ENOUGH of it!  What I love about blush is that it really compliments everything.  It’s girly but it’s not an overt shade of pink.  Kind of like the new enamel bracelets from Pandora.  One side is a stylish, shiny enamel while the other is sparkling with CZs.  So you can pick your mood.

Are you feeling classy or flashy, or in my case, tough or sweet…

heart of pandora enamel bracelet

hearts of pandora necklace

pandora enamel ring bracelets

Pandora enamel pink ring

heart of pandora enamel bracelet

hearts of Pandora enamel bracelets

These Radiant Hearts Of PANDORA bracelets come in six colors and I chose the pink and silver because like I said, I’m embracing pink right now.  (I even have the matching ring!)  As you can see, it looks cute with this feminine dress or a masculine bomber jacket.

Discover the new colorful spring collection at the Oklahoma City Pandora locations in Penn Square and Quail Springs Mall or your local store.

I’m excited to work with Pandora on this post — thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.