My love of fashion + A Shopbop Giveaway

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I know I keep mentioning that the new AiW is going to be a little different, but don’t worry.  While I’ll be bringing in more lifestyle content, I’ll still continue to talk about my first love… fashion.

I started blogging BECAUSE of fashion.  Clothing has been my passion since I was a little girl.  I remember playing clothing store with my mom and then going on to design clothing in middle school.  For me, nothing makes me happier than when I find something I love and can share it with all of you.  Kind of like this lace goodness I’m showing off today…



While I don’t always have the best memory, I certainly do when it comes to fashion.  It’s like I have a photographic fashion memory.  Back in 2002, I came across what quickly became my favorite store… Shopbop, and I still remember what I ordered.  (Trunk LTD “The Doors” tee shirt, a C&C California tank top, and a pair of Joes Jeans.)  That was the first of many, many orders and when they started offering free 3 day shipping, well that was the icing on the cake.

So to continue celebrating my new site, I HAVE to give one of you the gift of a shopping spree at my favorite store!  Check out my Instagram to see how you can enter to win a $450 gift card to Shopbop.

(Enter here!)

Don’t forget, since we’re celebrating this week, be sure you entered to win my Drybar contest as well.  And some more fun continues tomorrow… good luck!

And shop these other cute dresses in the meantime…

(Dress c/o Wayf + gift card c/o Shopbop)