the new travel section + the one-piece swimsuit you’ll love

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Fashion might be my passion but travel is certainly a close second.  When you have the opportunity, go out there and explore.  And I don’t just mean out of the country.  I mean outside your street — around your city.  Explore places and things that you wouldn’t normally.  For example, I went to Bentonville last year thinking nothing of it and had the most amazing time… in Arkansas.  So long story short.  Get out of town.  Do it.

Now where am I going with this?  Well, it’s my way of telling you how excited I am to launch the new travel section of AiW.  I hope you’ll go check it out!  It’s now easier to see where I’ve been and where I recommend.

For today, however, I’m taking you back to Costa Rica and sharing the latest trend in swimsuits.  Ladies, one-piece swimsuits are cool again.  (Really.)


During our trip I lived in one-piece swimsuits and these cut off shorts.  I loved that I could hit the pool then throw on my shorts and grab lunch and still look polished and put together.  A one-piece is just like wearing a bodysuit so you can really get away with wearing them as a shirt.  Especially a cute off-the-shoulder swimsuit like the one I’m wearing.  (And btw if you perfect a two-piece, check out this bikini version of what I’m wearing.  Soooo cute!) 

Are you loving these swimsuits too?   Let me know in the comments!

Photographed at Andaz Peninsula Papagayo