Modern Matte with Moen

Matte Black inspiration from Moen

I’m in the middle of a complete revamp…

As I’ve mentioned before, both my home and online home have been going through some changes.  (On the latter, I’m excited to report that my new website is almost finished and I can’t wait for you all to see it!)  With so many changes taking place online and at home, there’s one thing that won’t be changing.  My love for all things black and white.  While this favorite color palette of mine is easily seen on my blog, at home the best place to see it is in my remodeled home office.  I’ve painted all my walls white except for one black accent wall.  It’s amazing how that one black detail makes the room pop and is giving me some fun decor options to consider.  More on that later!

Next up is our kitchen, which I feel is the most difficult room in my house.  Every night I’ve been falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole for ideas and inspiration.  Do I want an all-white kitchen?  Do I want new cabinets?  What kind of sink should I choose?  There are so many options that I’ve become overwhelmed with possibilities.

No matter what ideas I come across, I keep coming back to this Moen STO kitchen faucet in matte black.  Like the black wall in my office, I’ll be using this modern look to really make my kitchen standout.  It’s like the LBD of the kitchen!

What is your advice when it comes to a kitchen remodel?  Please let me know in the comments!

Post sponsored by Moen, thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!  Xo