Floral + Neck Tie + Ruffle + Dress

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My style varies according to my mood.  (And I can be a little moody, you guys.)  Some days it’s all ripped jeans and leather jackets.  Other times I’m feeling pretty in blush pink.  Admittedly though I tend to like a darker palette and stay away from items that are overly girly.

That being said… I did have a floral moment a couple weeks ago.  Which was pretty shocking for me.  This dark floral dress feels so 90s that my grunge-loving self had to give it a go.  Perhaps that is the moment I changed to being more open to florals?  That dress made me, dare I say, love a little floral?

Let’s just say I blame that dress for making me fall in love with this one…

Isn’t it so freaking cute?!?  I mean, the bow, the ruffles, and the black piping details make this dress stand out.  It isn’t your typical floral fashion.  This is femininity epitomized.  So when that girly mood hits, reach for this cuteness.

And I’m excited to let you know it’s part of the HUGE Shopbop sale that’s going on right now.  (Plus it’s under $75!)  Shop all my picks here and don’t miss this darling outfit that’s also part of the sale.

Dress c/o Shopbop