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First of all, WELCOME to the new AiW!

I’m sooo excited to finally reveal the new site!  And with the new look comes new content.  That means I’ll be stepping up beauty content and sharing more about my life and home.  We’ve really started working on our home this year and I’m eager to start showing more of it, along with the process.

To kick off the beauty and lifestyle content, I’m thrilled to have partnered with the amazing Drybar and show you their latest products… along with some giveaways! 

First let’s start with one of their newest tools — The Tiny Tress Press.

This mini iron kind of does it all.  It can touch up small pieces, roots, bangs, or flyaways.  Or if you’re like me and taking a quick trip, just throw it in your weekend bag.  It’s even small enough to fit into most handbags, and it comes with a cute travel pouch that also acts as a heat protection pad.  That way you can pack it away in a hurry even if it’s still hot!

After using the The Tiny Tress Press, how about giving your hair some texture and hold with the new Whiskey Fix!

Before I describe Drybar’s newest product, let’s talk about my “bangs” which refuse to grow.  In the past I’ve gone back and forth with having side swept bangs.   And honestly it’s because that part of my hair… will… not… grow!  I swear no matter what I do they stay the same length.  And on top of that, these coarse strands never seem to cooperate.

So now after styling them, I’ve started putting a little Whiskey Fix on the ends.  It actually holds the style (curly or straight) without making my hair sticky or stiff.  The best way to describe it, is as a pomade that is light and flexible.  Use it on updos, ponytails and braids.  It will definitely be a product I’ll be using more this summer, or as I like to call it… ponytail season.

On to the giveaway I mentioned!

If you want to win all these awesome Drybar tools and products…

The Tiny Tress Press,  Whiskey Fix, Detox Dry Shampoo, Detox Dry ConditionerLemon Drop Daily Detangler Brush, Half Pint Brush, Full Pint Brush, Double Pint Brush, and The 3-Day Bender Curling Iron!

… then head over to my Instagram and follow the instructions in the picture’s description for how to enter.  You can also leave a comment below for an extra entry!

I hope you’re loving the new site as much as I am!  It’s still being tweaked a bit so please bear with me as it comes together.  My favorite parts are the Spring Shop and the new Travel section, which is now organized by location.  You can now see all my favorite places much easier.

Wishing you all luck on this giveaway and all the other upcoming ones this week… that’s right, we’re going to be celebrating all week long!

Thank you to Drybar for sponsoring this post and giveaway /// As always, thank you for supporting the brands that support this site!

  • Aliah

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  • Lisa

    I have the same issue with the side bang/front of the head growth! Always looking for products that will help with styling the bang area, so thank you! I entered the Drybar giveaway on Instagram and would really love this new set of tools! I’d only been to Drybar on a few special occasions before this winter, but fell in love with Drybar and its awesome stylists/bartenders after shoulder and wrist surgery. I couldn’t hold a hair dyer for months and those appointments were one of the only things that made me feel good and look more human/less like a patient. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

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