going off the shoulder (and off the cuff) about balance

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Life is a balancing act.

You have to work, you have to play, and you can’t do either all the time.  It’s a struggle I face in my own personal life.  Becoming a full time blogger means making your own hours but for me that just means working all hours.  This year I’m slowly learning how to organize my tasks and to delegate when I can.  (I’m also very lucky to have tons of support from this guy.  Sorry I’m feel mushy you guys.)

It may sound funny to relate this back to fashion but in a way it makes sense…

Pandora leather bracelet, galaxy charms, stackable rings /// available at the Pandora stores located in Penn Square and Quail Springs Mall

An outfit is an act of balance too.  If you’re wearing a blousy top (like I am today) you need a skinnier bottom to make the proportions work.  When it comes to accessories though, I look for options that will work no matter what I’m wearing.

My Pandora stackable rings are among my go-to items these days and pair perfectly for a fancy evening out or with just a tee and jeans.  Another standout piece is their braided bracelet.  Like the rings, it can be dressed up with charms or worn as is and still looks chic.

In a way this bracelet is like me — I like to be edgy yet classic at the same time.  It’s all a balancing act!

Wearing the Pandora leather bracelet, galaxy charms, and stackable rings.  Shop them all locally at the Pandora stores located in Penn Square and Quail Springs Mall. 

I’m excited to work with Pandora on this post!  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.  (Sunglasses c/o Goodnight Macaroon)