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I mentioned my “resolution” list in my New Year’s postand none of them had anything to do with fitness.  For me, the new year is more about getting back into a routine, especially with working out!  I’ve really missed it, not that I enjoy it while I’m doing it, but I love the way I feel after.  When you work in front of a laptop for up to 18 hours, you need a break.  For me Tracy Anderson is that break.  Her videos have been my go-to workout for years.   The weird little movements she makes you do really help to transform your body!

During the holidays, I went from working out 5 times a week to none.  Let’s just say I’m so ready to get back into it.  Combined with eating healthy, it will help me forget all the Christmas cookies I shouldn’t have eaten!  By the way, have any of you tried Green Chef?  We’re completely obsessed with it!  My husband and I have been doing the vegetarian diet plan and just love it.  (No, we’re not vegetarians but like their creative recipes that help us eat more veggies.) 

What’s the ultimate motivation?  Clothes of course!  I’m absolutely loving the athleisure trend, especially now that I work from home and can wear these cute clothes more regularly.  It makes it easy to sneak in a quick workout or run errands while looking stylish.  Here’s a roundup of some of the cutest pieces to get you back into the gym.  XO