bell sleeves + cropped jeans

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Ladies and gents, we have all the trends today.   I repeat, all the trends!  Let’s get to it shall we…

  1. Cropped Jeans
  2. Bell Sleeves
  3. Embellished Bag

They all magically came together to create some of my favorite photos we’ve ever taken.  First of all, you can’t go wrong with a bell sleeve.  Even though they make eating down right impossible, they just look amazing!  (Huh, maybe they will be part of my new diet plan…)  This doesn’t happen to be just ANY bell sleeve, this one features bows and ruffles.  It’s like if you combined all my favorite things and made a shirt.

Folks it doesn’t get any better than this…

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As for the jeans, they have the appearance of being too short BUT what I like is that you can actually show off your shoes. While I still like a good pair of skinnies, I recommend trying out a cropped pair for a while.  Be sure to wear them with a pair of boots like these so your ankles don’t freeze!

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Finally, let’s talk about this INSANE bag.  I instantly fell in love when I saw her.  (Yes, my bag is a girl.)  Her name is Pearl and she’s perfectly embellished with pearls.  The embellished bag trend is in full effect thanks to brands like Gucci and Anya Hindmarch.  This one is fun, stylish, and trendy without being too much of a splurge.  Get used to seeing her because I’m in love…

What trends are you loving right now in the new year?