grey day (how to style monochromatic grey)

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This weekend was pretty grey.  Which you could either look at as dark and gloomy, or cozy and comfortable.  I tried to go for the latter but maybe that’s just because I really love a dark day — it just gets my creativity flowing!  It’s my favorite time to get organized, plan, and to dream…


 { Wearing the coziest pom pom beanie and fleece jacket; both are under $100!  Along with my favorite grey jeans, a statement necklace, and these suede booties which were JUST marked down to under $100.}

styling-a-pom-pom-beanie baublebar-bib-necklace wearing-monochromatic-grey

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, where I’ve been and where I’ll be taking it.  Let’s just say I’ve got some good things coming in 2017!

While I’m not ready to share just yet, I can give you luxe lovers some good news.  If you’ve been eyeing my bag (I know it’s a splurge) then it’s finally back in stock just in time for Xmas.  There’s also a more affordable option available here, which I have and love in this color!



Shop my entire outfit below and I hope your week is grey… but only in a good way!  XO