10 best apple pie recipes + my attempt at Thanksgiving decor

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As I’ve mentioned in past posts, we’re currently renovating our home.  We’ve always been the kind of couple who love to travel and because of that, my home decor has been on the back burner.  Now that my Grandmother is my neighbor, and our homes are actually connected, she has inspired me to do some redecoration… or should I say actual decorating.

And along with it some cooking…

the-best-apple-pie-recipes-for-thanksgiving 10-best-apple-pie-recipies

Ok, let’s not kid ourselves.  

I’m not a chef nor will I ever be.  I love to bake my hippie healthy snack/dessert recipes but as far as cooking dinner every night, it’s probably not going to happen.  What HAS happened is I’ve become completely obsessed with Green Chef.  Perfect for healthy foodies like the husband and I.

Speaking of food, it’s almost Thanksgiving so let’s talk dessert.  Since it’s the one thing I do like to cook, I love discovering new recipes.  One of my old favorites is the Apple Crisp from Betty Crocker’s 1950 cookbook.  My Gran always makes this but adds rum-soaked raisins, because isn’t everything better with alcohol?  (That’s a family motto btw, and that book above is my Gran’s from 1954.)

Inspired by the season, here’s a roundup of 10 apple pie recipes for you to try.  Be looking for more food inspiration to pop up on the blog, most likely tied in with our travel posts and a couple from my husband’s Peruvian heritage.  And FYI, he’ll be doing the cooking… I’m the taste taster in high heels.

So here are 10 recipes and in the spirit of being all Suzy Homemaker, I even attempted some holiday decor.  Pumpkins in the fireplace?  Why not!  (Idea came from this blogger.)


10 Best Apple Pie Recipes

Lattice Apple Pie  (classic)

Apple Crisp (easy but be sure to add the rum soaked raisins!)

Easy Skillet Apple Pie (southern)

Apple Cranberry Pie (very fall-inspired, a favorite of mine)

 Our Favorite Apple Pie (classic, part 2)

Julia Childs Tarte aux Pommes (oui!)

Cinnamon Crumble Apple Pie (personal favorite… all about the crumble)

Gluten Free Apple Tart (gluten free, done right)

Iced Apple Pie Bars (seriously yum)

 Apple Pie Cookies (no really, seriously gimme one)