How to Style Over the Knee Boots this Fall

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I’m not going to lie.  When we were planning our trip to Cusco, Peru one the main things I was excited about was wearing these boots.  (Seriously!)  I bought them back in July during the Nsale so I couldn’t wait to finally have the opportunity to pull them out of my closet.

Wondering how to wear suede over-the-knee boots with a dress?  It’s simple — they go with everything!  At first I thought I’d only wear them with jeans, but I was so pleased with how they looked with this cute dress


ysl-burgundy-bag-styling-a-printed-dress-allyson-in-wonderland styling-over-the-knee-boots working-70s-style-into-you-wardrobe-allyson-in-wonderland styling-a-printed-dress-ysl-burgundy-bag-allyson-in-wonderland ysl-burgundy-bag-suede-over-the-knee-boots

Let me also say that I still get a ton of compliments on this bracelet.  I’ve had it forever but it’s still a crowd pleaser!  It has been sold out but I managed to track it down at Amazon.  I’ve never seen anything like it on anyone, and I love how it can be worn two ways.  It’s definitely one of the best jewelry purchase I’ve made over the years.

While these pics were shot in Cusco, you’ll have to wait a bit longer until I get my Cusco guide up.  So for all you with wanderlust, be sure to check out my 24 hours in Lima post.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and if you’re loving this outfit you can shop it below!