Papyrus + Lela Rose Collection


Have you been following all the happenings at fashion week?  I was so busy prepping for our trip that I haven’t had the chance to.  When things slow down I plan to curl up in my pjs and catch up on all the shows.  I can’t wait to see what beautiful looks I’ll be wanting to wear next year.

Fashion week isn’t the only thing I’ve not been keeping up with.  While I’m truly blessed to be chasing my dreams with the blog, this year’s crazy schedule has left some important parts of my life behind.  I’ve desperately missed spending time with my friends and family.  Even though it’s easy to send a text, there is something about handwriting a letter that in today’s technologically driven society still feels special.

Writing a letter may seem like such a little deed, but sometimes those little actions can be just as important as the big ones.  Especially when it comes to showing the people in your life what they mean to you.  While emails are the easiest form of communication, nothing is more personal than a handwritten note.  On that note, premium paper brand Papyrus has partnered with Lela Rose on a collection of fashionable handcrafted cards!  She’s one of my favorite designers who I’ve been keeping my eyes on for years.  Her beautiful feminine pieces are simply fabulous, and I must admit I love that she’s a Texas native (I was born there FYI.)  So leave it to Lela to make me want to practice my penmanship with these absolutely gorgeous cards.    Surprisingly, this is one of the very first designer partnerships which makes this collaboration extra special.

papyrus-lela-rose papyrus-yellow-lela-rose-card lela-rose-papyrus-cardslela-rose-papyrus-cards-nyfw

As you can see, I love how they match some of my favorite pieces I’ll be wearing this fall.  Anytime I’m off to a baby shower or wedding I can always find the perfect card with Papyrus.  With their collaboration with Lela Rose, I now know exactly what I’ll be sending my fashionable friends for their birthdays.  (Or maybe I’ll just keep them for myself, because these cards are truly frame worthy!)

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This post was done in partnership with Papyrus.  Thank you for support the brands that supporting this blog!  Xo A