Trying out the Infiniti PRO by Conair Curl Secret

conair infiniti pro curl secret conair infiniti pro curl secret

You may have noticed lately that my hair seems a little bit shorter, and it’s not because I cut it.  For most of the year I normally wear extensions but come the summer months I find it best to take a break from them.  While I do miss the added thickness and length, with the heat it’s just not worth all the maintenance.  To fill in for some of that lost volume, I almost always curl my hair when I don’t have extensions.  I normally use a standard barrel curler but recently I came across something a little bit more interesting…

With an appearance unlike anything else in your drawer, you might assume the Infiniti PRO by Conair® Curl Secret® was a misplaced prop from some sci-fi movie!  Far from it, the unique design is actually made to effortlessly draw in your hair and then rotate it around the heated element. Just section off your hair, curl each segment for a few seconds, and your hair is ready to go!  It’s as easy as that; your hair goes in and perfectly set curls come out.  With its three different settings you can choose what kind of curls you prefer.  I enjoy a looser more undone look from the lowest setting, but step up to the two higher options for a tighter curl.  Either way the whole process only takes about half the time of other curl styling products I’ve used.

I’ll admit, I was a little scared at first of it tangling my hair.  Amazingly it actually stops if it senses a tangle!  It’s one of those products you just have to try.  There’s nothing quite like it, and best of all it works on all hair types.  You can learn more about it here, or if you’ve tried it before I’d love to hear what you think!

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