the most stylish laptop ever

HP Spectre HP Spectre with case HP Spectre rose gold detailing HP Spectre with mouse HP Spectre holding on side

As a blogger I spend about 90% of my time in front of a computer screen. Whether it’s editing photos for a post or responding to an endless flow of email, my life is mainly spent in front of a laptop. You might make the assumption that given all that I’m somewhat of a techie. Well… not so much, but I do love beautiful piece of machinery.

Recently I began noticing a gorgeous new laptop popping up online. The sleek lines and almost jewelry-like appearance of HP’s new Spectre really stood out to me in a sea of silver laptops. After finally getting my hands on one, what really impresses me about it most was its size and weight. It feels impossibly thin and light for a full powered laptop, which is an ideal combination for my mobile lifestyle. Perhaps more impressive, it still manages to squeeze in a full-size keyboard in a compact form.

With fall fast approaching, my workload and life are about to become a hectic frenzy. Which means HP Spectre Laptop and I will be getting very well acquainted over these next few months. Stay tuned because I can’t wait to show you where we’ll both be traveling to very soon!

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