exploring creativity with HP Spectre

finding-inspiration-with-hp-spectre finding-inspiration-with-hp-spectre la-bodega-verde-cafe-in-lima finding-inspiration-with-hp-spectre finding-inspiration-with-hp-spectre hp-spectra-laptop-inspiration

As you all already know, my life revolves around my laptop.  My office is usually any place with Wi-Fi and a good cup of coffee, whether I’m in my hometown or away.  Wherever I am — an outdoor cafe, a pool chaise, hotel lobby, airport waiting area — it is essential that I have a lightweight, thin laptop that I can slip into my tote and easily pull out for working on my blog or watching a good movie.  It is particularly important when it comes to travel, and having to deal with the added weight from carrying multiple outfits and accessories.  Having a light yet powerful computer for my blog is essential, and it allows me to focus on my work and not the hassle of a heavy laptop.  It’s a mobile world after all!

In my last post I promised you some travel excitement, and now it’s time to deliver.  While searching for both my office requirements of Wi-Fi and coffee, I stumbled upon this darling cafe in the artsy Barranco district.  Being in such a gorgeous environment always makes it that much easier to get your creative juices flowing and become inspired.  That’s when I reach for my HP Spectre and get down to business.  The sleek design of the HP Spectre means it can go anywhere with me to capture whatever inspiration I come across.  Sometimes having access to the right tool can be just as important as the creativity itself.

Post sponsored by HP.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!  Xo A