styling flared jeans (and why you should try them)

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Let’s talk flares.

I’m always pretty shocked to find that women are afraid to wear flares.  Do they think they’re too retro?   Or just not sure about styling flared jeans?  I’ve always LOVED them, especially in the fall and winter months paired with a leather jacket.  Lately (when it’s been under 100 degrees) I wear mine with cute little tops like this one

styling flared jeans

Love this top?  Check out this dress version!  And this bracelet was just restocked here.

embellish navy ruffle top with flared jeans

styling flared jeans with chambray top

styling flared jeans, embellished chambray top, allyson in wonderland

embellished chambray top with ruffle sleeves


Why should you try them?

Well, a great pair of flares will elongate your legs and make you look taller.  (Which this short girl appreciates.)   When trying them on I would look for a slimmer flare, as opposed to the full fledged bell bottom look.  That way you won’t feel like you’re wearing something from the 70s.  Check below for my favorite flare and let me know, do love flares too?