bell sleeve beauty

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Trends come and go, but there are always a few that keep coming back more regularly.  One of my favorites is the bell sleeve, which is not only fashionably distinct but is so much fun to wear.  Its design has a wonderful ability to overemphasize any of your movements.  I like to consider it the drama queen of the trendy pieces… but in a good way.

Wondering how to wear the bell sleeve trend?  Trying wearing it on its own or let it peek out of the bottom of a jacket.  My only warning?  Just be careful when eating so you don’t end up wearing your meal on your sleeve… literally!

My dream bell sleeve top has to be this piece from Stella McCartney and worn by Gary Pepper Girl.  Isn’t it a dream?  Get the look with this top (btw the sleeves are detachable) and shop my other picks below.