the don’t forget to put on lotion trick

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Dry skin can really ruin your outfit.  Have you ever left for work in the morning or gone out to dinner at night, just to realize you forgot to put lotion on?  Happened to me all the time.  I’d be wearing one of my favorite dresses when I suddenly realized that I’d slacked on my skincare duties.  I would instantly lose my confidence out in public because I was afraid everyone is staring at my dry skin.  Honestly one time on our way to dinner, I made my husband stop at the drugstore just so I could run in and buy some kind of lotion!

To try and keep those mistakes in the past, I have a little trick these days to keep me from forgetting to use my lotion.   After a bath or shower, I use Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer before drying off.  Putting on lotion while wet may sound a little weird, but now that I’m in the habit of using it my skin is more hydrated than ever.  Most importantly, by the time I’m getting dressed and running out the door, I don’t need to worry about putting on lotion.  My skin is always ready no matter what hectic schedule I’m up against.

Have you tried a wet skin moisturizer before?

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