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During these summer months most of us probably don’t worry too much about moisturizing our skin.  We’re usually more concerned about putting on sunblock than we are about re-hydrating it!  Even though I pride myself on being a skincare fanatic, I’ve been known to skip moisturizer when in a hurry.

The truth is we should always put in the extra effort to moisturizer year round, even during these hot and humid summer days.  Keeping your skin properly hydrated not only helps it maintain a youthful appearance but it can also help to protect it.  While mornings in my house are always rushed, I think I might have found a time saving solution.  After a bath or shower, I use Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer before I dry off.  While it may seem a bit weird at first, you’ll notice that it absorbs immediately leaving skin completely hydrated.  Unlike some moisturizers it’s greaseless and with continued use will get rid of dry skin.  

Have you tried a wet skin moisturizer before?

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