Life update and what I shopped this weekend

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vases from anthropologie

lace tops from anthropologie

black and white lace anthropologie

We’re currently in the process of moving my Gran so I’ve been driving back and forth to Texas quite a bit.  Along with two trips to Houston in the past few weeks (one of them for a secret project!) it means I’ve been a little MIA online.  Even with all this craziness, I did find time to FINALLY pick up these pieces from the #Nsale.  Along with a quick peek into Anthropolgie, I’ve managed to fit plenty of shopping into my hectic schedule.

I’ve posted my favorite vases and my most used mug above (along with a homemade scone) and some lace tops I tried on.  I decided to go with this black and white one.  It will be the perfect piece to transition into fall with.  Until then, I’m wearing it with these white jeans but when the temperatures drop I’ll be switching over to my favorite black pants.  It really can be worn so many different ways!

How was your weekend?  Are you over the #Nsale?  Let me know in the comments!