tips on how to wear navy this summer

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how to style navy

When packing for a weekend out of town I like to have a color theme in mind.  It’s not because I’m an organization freak, far from it, but because it’s easier (and quicker) to pack when all your pieces easily match!  At the moment I’m really loving the freshness of navy and white.  First of all, navy looks good on everyone and since it’s a neutral color it can be paired with anything.  Here are some tips on how to wear navy this summer…

  • Mix an all navy outfit with white accessories for a vibrant/crisp look, or combine an all white outfit with navy accessories for added richness.
  • I also encourage you to mix navy with black.  I love the way it looks!  (Just take a peek at the ruffle top below to see what I mean.)
  • Pair navy shoes with jeans.  It brings out a nice polished look.  Wouldn’t these look amazing with cropped jeans or a white pair?
  • Wear navy year round!  It’s a universal color that should be worn anytime.   Just think of it as your new black.

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