packing with Jon Hart

Last month was a whirlwind.   Taking two back to back trips, while amazing, was completely crazy.  The only easy part of it all was that my makeup and hair products were already packed and ready to go from one trip to the next.  This was especially helpful since I always tend to forget a lipstick or hair brush!

With the hassle of air travel these days having great luggage will also save you a lot of headaches.  Here’s what I’m carrying…

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Growing up with family in Oklahoma/Texas I’ve always been familiar with Jon Hart Design.  For 35 years they have been creating classic luggage that’s still made in the USA.  What I love about it is the quality and the attention to detail they give each piece. When traveling by air, the 360 Large Wheels bag is the perfect size and its included plastic protective cover is a great bonus.  It’ll help to keep your bag looking like new and more importantly it’ll ensure that it doesn’t get destroyed when you check it.  Touches like these make Jon Hart bags pass the test of time.

Most of the time when it comes to choosing luggage colors I tend to lean towards black or grey pieces, but this time I decided to go with this pretty coral hue.  I then talked my husband into going with the grey so I could have the best of both worlds.  Thankfully he didn’t mind!  One of my favorite parts of traveling is building memories of all the places I go.  Whether it’s traveling to a beautiful resort in sunny Puerto Rico or just a quick trip down to Dallas, I love collecting travel experiences that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.  With the blog I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many wonderful places over these past few years, and now with this new luggage in hand I can’t wait to start building some new memories together.  Life is short, let’s travel!

This post was sponsored by Jon Hart, opinions are my own.