styling adidas with a dress

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The sneaker and dress trend is something I’ve tried before.  Last year Converse All Stars came back strong and this year it’s the Adidas Stan Smith or the Superstar which is what I’m wearing below.   Let me tell you a little story about the Superstar sneaker…

When I was in high school I took a class trip to Europe.  I was told right away that I was going to need a pair of sneakers because we would be doing so much walking.  Even back then I wasn’t a sneaker kind of girl!   I would even wear high heels to concerts.  (Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Third Eye Blind, Pearl Jam, yep I wore my heels.)  So I purchased a pair of Adidas that I thought would be cute enough to walk around in.  And then I immediately left them under the bed of our hotel in Rome by accident so I was sneaker free for the last two weeks of our trip.  I basically wore them for less than 24 hours before losing them.  I took this as a sign that I’m just not supposed to wear sneakers and so continued on my high heel existence.

Recently, I’ve decided I kind of like sneakers.  I bought another pair of Adidas, and this time I plan on not leaving them under the bed.  I mixed them with this ruffle sleeve dress which is perfect for going from day to night.  For work I paired it with these sandals and then for the weekend with my new kicks.

Since I have photographic evidence you’ll get to see the infamous photo of me in sneakers (which all my friends find hysterical), scroll to the bottom and then please forget you saw it – haha.  I hope you had a great weekend!

Do you dig the sneakers with a dress trend?  If not, how do you wear your sneakers?


striped j.crew dress, black and white ruffle stripe dress Striped ruffle J.Crew dress, lace up black heelsRebecca Minkoff white tassel bag stripeinsta

striped J.Crew Dressstripeessrebecca minkoff white tassel bag, styling adidas with a dress



Fresh off the plane after landing in Rome.  I’m the one on the right — Abercombie & Fitch spaghetti strap top, kate spade messager bag, Ray-Bans that look like Oakleys and those famous Adidas.  Hopefully they found a good home.