bright signs and bright green dresses

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This weekend was a blur!  I’m still recovering from #rStheCon and then I came home to a little bit of a disaster.  Sometimes you just have to take a day to regroup, refocus, and reorganize.  For now let’s focus on the print of this dress you probably saw on my Instagram.  Gorgeous right?   It’s pretty much everything I look for in a dress!

Fit and flare shape, check.

Big bold graphic print, check.

It also matched the green theme of Americano where we had lunch AND dinner this past weekend.  (The pasta alone is worth going back for!)  Speaking of amazing, that neon sign on the wall of the restaurant is pretty much the perfect Instagram photo op.  For me it’s a reminder that the fear and doubt I’ve had about taking this blog in a different direction is really, well, just in my head.

So ladies and gents, it’s time to move it or lose it.  And in a dress this loud, a girl isn’t meant to just sit in the background!

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