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I try to keep my personal posts to a minimum (after all this is a fashion blog) but lately it’s been brought to my attention that you all might want to know more about me being a blogger.  While I like to show my blog in a fashionable and artistic manner, let it be known that this stylized life filled with gowns and bags mainly consists of long nights with my laptop.  As a blogger I feel that while being realistic is important, it’s also important to know I created this blog as a form of escapism.  Fashion and art have always been passions of mine, so this is a way to express and explore them.

As you can imagine, sometimes there are behind-the-scenes surprises or difficulties.  For example, during the shoot for this post we got in trouble with security for photographing on the property.  Eeek!

To learn a little bit more about what it’s really like being a fashion blogger, keep scrolling to read my answers to the top 10 most common questions I get asked on a regular basis…

Ted Baker dress Liberte Oklahoma City

Ted Baker London Print Cap Sleeve Dress


Do you blog full time?  I’m not a full time blogger.  I have a traditional full time job, along with working in social media and consulting.  Allyson in Wonderland was created and is managed by me.

Why don’t you blog full time?  I’m a workaholic, darlings!  Besides, blogger projects and sale commissions do not provide steady enough income.  Most successful bloggers also do work on the side as consultants, writers, and social media mavens.  To be a full time blogger you have to be among the top 10% in the world, and even they usually have other side projects like clothing lines.

Who takes your photos?  My husband takes all the photos of me along with some detail shots, but I do most of the photography when possible.  I have an artistic background, both naturally and with a degree in art and graphic design, which I feel helps me stage my shots.  Even though my husband is not artistically inclined, he has learned a lot along the way – especially with photography!  (Side note: he’s amazing and I ABSOLUTELY couldn’t do this without him.)


Liberte Oklahoma City Boutique Ted Baker Dress


Do you have a closet full of clothes?  Welllll, I do have a bedroom that’s a designated closet with standing clothing racks.  I constantly refresh my collection so most of the time I’m selling what I have in order to buy new pieces for outfits.  Most brands will offer to pay you in their clothing, so that’s another small way I make money.   (You can shop my closet over on Poshmark!)

What is the best part of blogging?  Constantly playing dress up and meeting other bloggers who get what you do.  It’s such a funny business that most people don’t understand.  Most people don’t realize how much work goes into each blog post, and it’s not just having fun dressing up in a pretty outfit.


Ted Baker Wrennie print dress


What kind of camera do you use?  I use a Nikon D610 with 50mm and 85mm lenses, and a lot of memory cards and external hard drives.  I make sure to store just about everything I’ve shot in .raw format just in case I ever want to revisit or re-edit something from the past.  This past Christmas my family got me an Ona camera bag which I just adore.


Ted Baker London Wrennie Print Cap Sleeve Dress


Going on trips must be amazing!  Do you get to go wherever you want?  Going on press trips IS amazing but it’s a ton of work.  I typically get very little sleep and always get up at the crack of dawn to get the shots I need.  While it looks like we’re just relaxing, the truth is you’re trying to do 4 different outfit shots while the light is good.  For example this avocado toast picture is one of my favorites, but it took getting up at 4:45 am and Ubering to the other side of Chicago on three hours of sleep before heading to the airport.  I didn’t even have time to eat most of it and avocado toast is my favorite!  The reality is that on the typical press trip you usually only have a handful of hours to actually relax.

Do you have a background in fashion?  My degree is in art, graphic design and education.  I’ve been working in retail since I was 16, both in full and part time positions.  My mother is an amazing seamstress who taught me about fabric and garment construction.  In the past I would design pieces and she would make them.  Nowadays being in two different states, so that makes it hard but I would love to design more.


Crystal Bridges Bentonville Arkansas


How would you describe your style?  That’s so hard because I’m kind of all over the place!  My style icons are Daphne Guinness, Miroslava Duma, Catherine Deneuve, and the Olsens.  I love the classic and effortless style of the French.

Where do you want to go next?  With travel or fashion?  My dream is to go to Kyoto when the cherry blossoms bloom, and also to Dubai especially because I have a friend who lives there.  Regarding fashion, I would love to take this blog into a new direction.  I guess you all will have to keep checking back to see what happens next!

Still want to know more or are you interested in blogging?  Leave me a comment below or you can always email me at!


And now for the details of this darling dress…

Outfit Details // Dress — Ted Baker Wrennie dress, available at Liberté // SandalsStuart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ Sandal similar pair for under $80 here // Sunglasses — Karen Walker Super Lunar Sunglasses, shop my other favorite spring dresses from Liberté below!