Instagram Anxiety (and how I’m getting over it)

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When I started out on Instagram it was spontaneous and fun — now it’s a whole different animal. 

Over the years I started to feel that every Instagram picture had to be PERFECT, where I was rethinking every shot.  More confusing was when one photo would receive a lot of likes but a better (more artistically composed) one barely got any.  Lately I’ve been reading all these articles about how social media causes social anxiety or depression, which is almost ironic because isn’t it suppose to bring us all closer together?  On the note, I’ve decided to relax a bit moving forward and I’m starting to let my Instagram be a little more spontaneous and fun, which has me wondering…

Do you prefer Instagram feeds that are artistically perfect OR ones that are spontaneous and unfiltered?

My guess is that it’s a bit of both, but let me know in the comments.  Speaking of Instagram, here are some of my favorite outfits I’ve put together that didn’t make their way to the blog.   Shop the looks by clicking the photos below or with  Have a question about how to use  Just ask!

best fall booties

chunky white sweater and black flats

burgundy jacket

leather jacket with fringe bag

black and tan outfit