Pretty little perfumes (and why smaller is better)

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roll on perfumes

I’m a bit of a fragrance junkie who’s always on the lookout for new scents.  I prefer roll on fragrances because they are the perfect size to throw in any bag.  If I forget to put on a few spritzes in the morning, I can easily apply it later.  Also, because of their size it’s an affordable way to try different fragrances, and play around with various scents.  Not having to worry about TSA when traveling is a big perk since they’re small enough to go through security.

My current favorites are these perfume oils from Splendid.   They offer two different scents, Leila Lou and Tilly Roll, both available in roll on.  Tilly smells like summer and Leila Lou has a really clean and fresh scent.  My other favorite is Nest Indigo, which has hints of wood and fig.  I listed a couple other favorites below along with this delicious candle.  I can’t pop into Anthropologie without buying something!

To shop more of my favorite scents available in roll on form, click the photos below.