ripped jeans — love them or hate them?

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Here’s the funny thing about ripped jeans.  You either love them or hate them.  I happen to LOVE them.  When done right they look chic and show just a little bit of skin, but not too much.  It’s like a deconstructed dish — individually each part isn’t very exciting, but put them all together and it makes for a delicious dish.

My favorite ripped jeans are these.  If they look familiar, it’s because they also happen to be a celebrity favorite.  I tend to style mine with simple white pieces because the key to making ripped jeans look polished is keep your outfit simple.  Above is my travel outfit version.  You can see more of me styling ripped jeans here, here, and here.

Looking for a similar pair for less?  Click on the jeans below.  All are under $100!  To shop my look above, click on the photos below the pic.  If you have any fit questions, just leave me a comment or send me a message!  Happy shopping.